Oops, I was in an accident.

I thought she’d stopped, but then she went.

Now I’m facing increases–

Insurance plan fleeces

Me: surcharge of twenty percent.

Crap.  I got into an accident a couple weeks ago at a stoplight.  My left blinker was on, and the other woman and I were both stopped, facing opposite directions.   The light changed, and I paused briefly.  She didn’t appear to be moving, so I started my turn, and then looked over and whoops… guess she’d decided to start going.  And then she hit me.

It turns out I have nearly $2k worth of damage to my car.  No idea how much she’s got, but apparently more than $500, as I am now facing increases of 20% to my premium over the next FIVE YEARS.  Five freaking years for a tiny little car accident.  And one for which I think I am not more than 50% at fault.

Okay, I know.  I was turning left.  But I did yield, which is what’s driving me crazy.  So now I get to decide: do I try to appeal this (which is $50 and either some written docs or an appearance at a hearing), or do I just suck up the points and whatnot?  Either way, it’s just inconvenient.