At work I have too much to do.

It may be my fault, it’s true.

I’m attempting to find

A project I don’t mind;

As a result, my workload I rue.


When I started working here, I had one project.  That was fine till it became very same-old, same-old about a year ago.  In November I added another project, which has taken a while to get going; not to mention, it’s not in my main area of expertise/interest.  So I’d been looking around for something new in my area of interest, which I found and was approved for a couple weeks ago.  I started this week on that, and now I am really having to work to make sure I allocate my time well.  I am also having some difficulty trying to figure out exactly what I need to produce for the two newer projects.  I’m sure I’ll sort it all out eventually, and for now I am just pleased that I found a project that’s new and that I like (I hope).  I’ll worry about time management later, since I don’t have time to do it now.