It’s ten-thirty on Saturday night.

The neighbors have music up quite

Loudly; I hear

The bass beats in my ear.

I’m getting old; this isn’t right.


Although sometimes one just needs a night in.  My friend came over–she’s the one with whom I have a large number of cooking disasters–and fortunately this time no disasters occurred.  We made some delicious black bean and corn quesadillas and tacos with black beans, corn, and fake meat.  The fake meat wasn’t nearly as awful as I’d imagine, though it certainly doesn’t pass for meat; however, it did taste pretty good (maybe it was the hot sauce and cumin?) and had a funky texture, which I enjoyed.  It did look a disturbing bit like dog food, though.

Today has just been a super lazy day.  The one productive thing I did was go on a run–it felt pretty good, though it actually wasn’t as fast as I thought it was.  Whoops.  Guess this means I should go out again tomorrow.