I decided to take a class

To help improve my skills real fast.

Though I learned a little that mattered,

The instructor really just chattered,

And mostly I wished it was past.

Again, this object-oriented theory class.  In addition to having semi-creepy classmates, I have an ineffective instructor.  He likes to read directly from this crappy “textbook”, which is really a collection of way too many pages with only one sentence (even sometimes a single word) on them.  Hello, environmentalists?  I’d like to report a gross violation against Mother Earth.  Why is it so difficult to consolidate pages?  Especially if the material on them is actually related to another page?

So there’s that.  There’s also the fact that he’s a crappy teacher.  He likes to use the group method for teaching, which would be okay if he didn’t merely tell us that we should work on groups.  Hey there, we’re engineers.  We don’t have social skills.  It might have been useful for him to help facilitate things, or provide some guidance for when we get stuck, or at least friggin’ pay attention to what the class is doing instead of checking personal email.  I’m sure he’s not getting paid to check his email and figure out what his next workout or race logistics.

He also spent way too much time with idle chatter.  Okay, the little personal touches, not so terrible.  It’s kind of nice when it’s not all business, all the time, but this guy took it a bit far.  I do not care what your (apparently brilliant) daughter is doing after college, nor am I impressed that she figured out IT databases on her own and is now working in IT instead of biomed, which is what her degree is.  Big effing deal.  Teach me about object-oriented theory, that’s what I am here to learn.  Really if he had just shut up a bit more, I think the class could have been taught in a day or two less, thus lessening my angst.  And how behind I am at work.

Finally: is it truly necessary to wear your damn MENSA fleece?  I get it, you’re smart.  We’re all smart here, though; you’re not all that special.  Take off the damn MENSA fleece.