Evaluating software off-site

Requires many hours to get right.

I asked for some time;

She said, you can’t have mine.

What’s she think I’ll be doing all night?

Ugh.  I am the test coordinator for a field evaluation of some air traffic control displays that’s coming up in a month and a half.  This evaluation requires me to spend two weeks in the field conducting the evaluation, and another week there conducting dry runs and acceptance tests.  In addition, during the weeks leading up to this, the project leads want the site to be staffed at all times so we can monitor the systems for potential bugs, crashes, freezes, and general disasters, so I consulted with my lead to find out which team members I should ask to support this effort.

I got an email back from one of the people, in which she said that one week she’ll be on vacation.  Fine.  Then she went on to say that essentially she was not going to support the perpetual staffing effort since she already was going to be on site for the acceptance tests and the two weeks of testing.  Okay, I get it.  No one really wants to go hang out and watch software run.  It’s kind of like watching paint dry, only possibly a bit more interesting.  At least the stuff on the display moves.  However, what does she think I’ll be doing with my time in those weeks that I need staffed?  I’ll be down at the acceptance tests, and I’ll be at both weeks of the evaluation, and I’ll more than likely be off-site for at least one of these weeks.

Work-life balance, sure.  But maybe not at the expense of everyone else’s balance?