Running, it once was a bore;

But now I find myself going for more.

I did a 10k

And I ran the whole way.

To my surprise, I got a decent score!

One of my goals this year is to be able to run ten miles at one time.  It initially started out as running a 10k, but as the miles built up (uh, or as much as one can build up to 6.2 miles), a 10k didn’t seem challenging enough.  Of course, I’d already signed up for a 10k though, and 6.2 miles is on the way to ten.

In any case, I ran a 10k today.  In the week leading up to the race, I’d been noticing that my pace was out of control.  In a good way!  I’m definitely not  a fast runner, and for the past year or two, I’d been pretty happy with ten-minute miles.  Within the past six-ish months, I’d noticed that I’d been able to break into the 9:50s for a 5k, and had been pleased about that.  And THEN, in the last week, I noticed that my times were in the 9:30s.  Whaaaaat!?  And these were for longer runs.  Yesterday I did about 3 miles at just over an 8:30.  Now THAT is just insane.  Also insane?  That I did such a hard run right before the race.  But I hadn’t run in nearly a week, which seemed like a crappy way to go into a race.  But so is going in tired…

However!  It didn’t matter too much, because I finished in just under an hour.  Under an hour was my main goal, but I was also hoping to do 9 minute miles.  Yes, that was a stretch goal, and I didn’t get too close to that.  My official average split was 9:30, but my timing said it was closer to 9:25.  Whatever.

Now I just want more.  More distance, more speed, maybe even more races.  I hate running when I am out of running shape, but once I get into the groove, I turn into a bit of a fiend.