I’m just a girl with a need

To write something for others to read.

I enjoy the verbal tricks

Of writing some limericks.

Electronically, so I don’t kill more trees.


I enjoy writing limericks.  I make no claims to whether they’re good or not, though; I am sure the bulk of these (when there are enough to be called ‘bulk’) are ridiculous, if not flat out terrible from time to time.  Genius is hard.

When not writing limericks, I am often mucking about in the kitchen.  I like to think I’m a decent cook and baker; things I make usually end up tasting fairly good, except when I cook with one particular friend.   Apparently she and I together throw off the alignment of the cooking planets, because we’ve had some amazing disasters.  We should really be given a cooking show as an example of what not to do.

I also take pictures, usually of things lined up or in bowls.  I enjoy symmetry, modern lines, and the absurd, though I am often too slow to capture absurdity on film.

I live in or near Boston, depending on how local you are.  I am a sort of government contractor, though I was trained as an engineer.  I am interested in transportation, specifically aviation and air traffic control.

I am usually not this dull.


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