I decided to take a class

To help improve my skills real fast.

Though I learned a little that mattered,

The instructor really just chattered,

And mostly I wished it was past.



Dude in front of me:

Why are you turning around?

You’re weirding me out.


It’s ten-thirty on Saturday night.

The neighbors have music up quite

Loudly; I hear

The bass beats in my ear.

I’m getting old; this isn’t right.



At work I have too much to do.

It may be my fault, it’s true.

I’m attempting to find

A project I don’t mind;

As a result, my workload I rue.



Oops, I was in an accident.

I thought she’d stopped, but then she went.

Now I’m facing increases–

Insurance plan fleeces

Me: surcharge of twenty percent.


There once was a girl from the ‘ville

Who decided she needed a thrill.

She wrote up some rhymes

About her life and her times;

Hopefully that will now fit the bill.