Got a cheap helicopter flight;

Went up to see what it was like.

If it weren’t for high prices,

I’d be getting that license.

Instead I’ll just dream of it at night.



Running, it once was a bore;

But now I find myself going for more.

I did a 10k

And I ran the whole way.

To my surprise, I got a decent score!


Evaluating software off-site

Requires many hours to get right.

I asked for some time;

She said, you can’t have mine.

What’s she think I’ll be doing all night?


I’m delighted to have all this time

To spend with these great friends of mine.

But then, of course, it’s true

I had things I wanted to do–

But really there’s no cause to whine.


I decided to take a class

To help improve my skills real fast.

Though I learned a little that mattered,

The instructor really just chattered,

And mostly I wished it was past.


It’s ten-thirty on Saturday night.

The neighbors have music up quite

Loudly; I hear

The bass beats in my ear.

I’m getting old; this isn’t right.



At work I have too much to do.

It may be my fault, it’s true.

I’m attempting to find

A project I don’t mind;

As a result, my workload I rue.



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